New Billboards Up

My Update Your Status mall poster campaign went over well with the folks at Camden County College so they were on board to do some outdoor with it too. I’m happy to see this concept adapted to more applications than usual from a client who tends to want to run something from every concept presented. It’s definitely a welcomed change.

When I started working on this account photographs generally were not used (a post covering the evolution of their branding coming soon) and because of state funding we’re shyed away from showing faces as to exclude any of the college’s multi-racial  demographic. I was happy to find an exception to the rule…

John Kane Smith - CCC Billboard - Social Media

John Kane Smith - CCC Billboard - Social Media 2

John Kane Smith - CCC Bustail - Outdoor Advertising

  1. This is a great design. I wish they would have been open to the top one with the girl laying down. I understand the reasoning behind not wanting to use a face, but her face wasn’t the 1st thing I looked at so I think it would have been okay to leave it showing. The 1st dominate thing to pop out to me was “UPDATE YOUR STATUS,” then her hands, then the college. Great Billboard though!

  2. Thanks Kelley! And that one actually did run…