Ticket designs

Being that I don’t like clutter, there isn’t much I collect. Show tickets are definitely an exception to the rule. One day I planned to wallpaper a room or do something really cool with them, but it appears my hopes and dreams have been crushed… Last week I went to pick up some tickets for shows that wouldn’t be sold out and I could definitely pay at the door. For the ticket of course…

Anyway, as the tickets were placed in front of me I couldn’t help but feel some type of way. Show tickets had looked generally the same ever since I could remember, but what was sitting in front of me was definitely different. I don’t know who’s idea it was to make these changes, but it seems the ticket vendors are behind it. I haven’t seen what Ticketmaster prints these days, but Live Nation and Ticket Fly (pictured below) just don’t do it for me. File show tickets with everything else that used to be better. I suppose my black t-shirt collection will have to suffice.

If anyone knows of or comes across an archive of ticket images please share it.

This Baroness jawn is what a ticket should look like.