The B-Town Skate Plaza

So… some friends from my hometown are building a Skate Plaza in Bethlehem. The short story is the city granted a piece of land and the space has already been designed and planned. On top of making all that happen, Andy Po and crew of Homebase Skateshop were able to raise funds for the first phase of the project which is already in progress. Now its time to find funding for the remaining phases… We’re lucky to be involved in the Pepsi Refresh Project, a competition that collects votes for different causes for 1 month, rewarding the top 2 to the tune of $250,000. We made the top ten last month so a re-enrollment in April was automatic, but obviously we have to step it up, so if you support kids having a place to skate, a new plaza for the city of Bethlehem, sentences with way too many commas in them or just feel like sparing a minute of your time to do me a favor… head over to The Bethlehem Skate Plaza on Pepsi Refresh and vote, it doesn’t take long and you wont get any spam from registering. Vote every day in march. Tell your friends. Thank you!